Toothy in Blender 2.8

Hey everyone!

Since Blender 2.8 it's very workable now and the beta it's almost ready, I've updated my realistic skin study, this beautiful guy, to the new amazing features that 2.8 have. The skin shader now uses the new distribution method Random Walk and all the hair uses the new Principled Hair BSDF, both features preserves much more details than before. It's very awesome I must say.

If you want to take a look at the file, you can download it by just $5 at my Gumroad.

More images at my ArtStation.


I’ve been working on the guy since the beginning of last month on my free time, his name is Dave and it’s based on the concept art of Alfred Achiampong. Alfred was pretty gentle in let me do this 3D version of Dave and even more gentle for let me change the design of the shoulder a little bit.

For this project I did the sculpt, retopology/modeling, UVs and IDs in Blender 2.79b and all the texturing in Substance Painter. After that I’ve imported my scene in Blender 2.8 Alpha and worked on the materials, lighting, hair, render and compositing. I’ve also used the new subsurface distribution method Random Walk, wich is amazing. The eyes was done using the Auto Eye.

More images and breakdowns on my Artstation.  


Hi everyone, this is my latest project finished.

The idea came from a request from my girlfriend, who wanted to see herself in a 3D character. And since she is dedicating herself so much to haircuts, I created her in this pose lifting her scissors very focused, inclined forward and upward, trying to represent her pursuit to improve in her profession.

For more images about the project, visit my ArtStation page.

Auto Eye

Recently I launch a new product, Auto Eye it's a tool that will make easy to create eyes. With this tool you will be able to experiment and create a wide variety of eyes quickly, so you don't need to paint every eye from scratch for each new character you create.

If you wanna know more about it and watch how it works, click on this LINK.

Or visit my products page.

I've already started working on the first update of the Auto Eye, which will have new adjustments like pupil size, red veins and probably more stuff. Here is a sample with the red veins and an example that more realistic result can be achieve too.

Sitting Is Killing You

Here is another very cool animation project from my friends of the studio Pé Grande, that invited me to model the two character and make the blend shapes.

For more images of the project, please check out my ArtStation page or the studio Pé Grande website.

Ear Pack Update v02

Updated my Ear Pack with a new ear model, this new one have a more cartoon style. Also made new renders for better presentation.


I created this guy from the concept to the 3D render. The references comes from the b-boys from the 80's.

Initially I've design and modeled this little boy for a course about modeling characters for animation and after I finished organizing the course I did the look development, made a couple of cool poses and here is the final result.

It was done using Blender, Substance Painter and render in Cycles, using Pro Lighting Skies and two mesh lights.