Betty Von Notty

Inspired on one of the beautiful drawings of Maly Siri, the name of the character is Betty Von Notty.

Here is Maly's blog with more of her art.

Pretty much everything was done in Blender, except for the textures, which I created in Photoshop, most from scratch. This is my first work using Cycles, including the new features like SSS and Strand render on Cycles.

Thank you Maly! ;)


  1. She is so beautyful ... :) ... but the neck is very long.

  2. Thanks for the making of. I was really interested in the skin texturing, so I was glad to read it and it was pretty simple stuff, then down to the sss shader. Although I've been using the internal for game models reflectivity and world colour make a good job of it if you have all day.)
    The hair looks really simple the way you've done it.
    Nice work.