Here is a tribute I've made to the movie V for Vendetta.  I modeled the body using a base mesh and then extracted clothes from this mesh and refined the modeling. After that I used the multires and sculpted the folds and details in the clothes. I just keep the subdivision level to 3, because I used this in the coat, pants, boots, gloves and cape. And because I also used displacement on the walls and ground, so the render started to get heavy. The mask I sculpted in Blender using the Multires and after that I make the retopology. I rendered in BI, just small retouches in Photoshop.

A big thanks to my friend Bruno,  for the tips and help me to improve the lighting.

“People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.”
Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

ImagineFX #86

Now I believe that I have two of my works published in ImagineFX magazine. I big thanks to the editor Beren Neale, and the magazine itself, for making it happen. Great cover from Will Murai.

Taiwan Blender User Community Magazine Vol.1

I was invited to make an interview in the first issue of Taiwan Blender User Community Magazine. Thanks Chien!
Click on the image to download the magazine.

Red Fox

This is an old model/work I started sometime ago, but only now I managed to finish it. And it was a challenge to me do this work, a lot of complex things, fur and grass, but I learned a lot too. I posted my progress in the Blender Artists forum and I received a lot of feedback that helped me a lot to improve this work, so a big thanks to those guys!

Since I was a kid I always like nature and really like watch documentaries about this, so I guess this fase of my childhood has inspired me in my last two works and it was really good. So I decided create that red fox, because I really like this orange color and their contrast with the green of grass, trees, etc, I think it's beautiful and I always think the fox as a friendly animal, so that's what I tryed to pass here.
I used Blender for almost everything, just used Photoshop for some retouches in the texture and in the final render.

Here is the link of the main image I used to create the diffuse texture of the fox, from the site Free Nature Wallpaperhttp://free-naturewallpaper.com/nature-images/animals/fox-nature-images/Red-Fox.php

My first render in Cycles

Just having some fun with Cycles.  :)