15 September, 2015


Tamaringo was a very cool project that I had the opportunity to participate sometime ago, at the time I was working at HAL Studio, which now splitted into Pe Grande Studio and CGGO Studio. The job was create the opening animation for a mobile game, Devanium is the developer team of the game. In the project I was responsible for modeling the characters and the scene, I also work on the look development. The concept art was provided by the guys of Devanium.

All the modeling was done in Blender and then exported to 3Ds Max, in OBJ or FBX format. Everything else was done there, rig, animation and look dev.


Production: Estúdio Pe Grande
Art Direction: Devanium
Script: Devanium
Storyboard: Devanium
Animatic: Felipe Galvao
Look Dev: Lucas Falão e Ricardo Rocha
Modeling: Lucas Falcao
Rig: Felipe Galvão e Gabriel Vedana
Layout: Gabriel Vedana e Lucas Falcao
Animation: Gabriel Vedana, Felipe Galvao, Mallo Ryker, Diego de Paula e Eduardo Conter
Video Editing: Gabriel Vedana
Post Production: Felipe Galvão
Matte Painting: Ricardo Bess
Music and Sounds: Batuque Musica


23 June, 2015

Photorealistic Guitar

I modeled this guitar for one of my first personal projects and now after a lot of tweaking, remodeling and a complete new look, it's my first model on the Blender Market. I hope you like it, you can see more imagens and more details about the product there.


25 March, 2015

Meet Ember!

In January I had the opportunity to work on this very cool project of a doll called Ember. She is an adventure doll, which is a different theme from the majority of dolls, that usually is about fashion and it's related about how woman should be attractive. This is something that I think it's not mentally healthy for a children, Ember goes in another direction, that tries to inspire the imagination and adventure spirit of young girls.

I've worked on the 3D production of the doll with Thiago Bulhões, to show how the real doll will be. Everything was done in Blender and render with Cycles.

To see more about the project and help funding it, go to the campaign page on the site Indiego - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/meet-ember-the-world-s-first-adventure-doll


02 February, 2015

Interview for Krita

Hi there! Just wanted share a interview that I've made for Krita official site. Thank you for the invite Irina!   :)

22 November, 2014


Hi everyone! A long time without post personal stuff here...

So, I want to share my last work, It's the first one that I did everything, from the concept until production. I really enjoyed the process and I will do more of this from now on.

The name of this dude is Watson, he lives in a planet very similar to Earth, it's basically the same environment, same animals and almost the same plants. As you can see his favorite animal are the cats, the name of  his friends are Agatha, she is the little one sitting on the rock and Vava he is the bigger one, on the legs of Watson. And of course you can presume by his t-shirt that Watson really like broccoli.  :)

This work It's was also the first time I create something using only free and open softwares. For this one I used Ubuntu, Blender and Krita. Blender was used for almost everything and Krita I used for texturing. The image was rendered inside Blender in Cycles.

Credits for the background image Stuart Rankin, image used under the Creative Commons 2.0.