Sitting Is Killing You

Here is another very cool animation project from my friends of the studio Pé Grande, that invited me to model the two character and make the blend shapes.

For more images of the project, please check out my ArtStation page or the studio Pé Grande website.

Ear Pack Update v02

Updated my Ear Pack with a new ear model, this new one have a more cartoon style. Also made new renders for better presentation.


I created this guy from the concept to the 3D render. The references comes from the b-boys from the 80's.

Initially I've design and modeled this little boy for a course about modeling characters for animation and after I finished organizing the course I did the look development, made a couple of cool poses and here is the final result.

It was done using Blender, Substance Painter and render in Cycles, using Pro Lighting Skies and two mesh lights.

Vantajao Animation

Hello Internet! Last month me and my friend André work together on a very cool project for the Alopra studio. The job was to do an animation with about ten seconds for a grocery store called Vantajão. I was responsible for doing the modeling and look development, André did the rigging and animation, the people from Alopra did all the direction, art direction, animatic.
Thankfully we could use the Blender 2.79 and the amazing new features like Filmic and Denoise, to render the animation from our home computers with a pretty good noise free quality. So big thanks to the Blender developers!

Toothy :B

This is a study I did of the human face/skin, most of the details were created from scratch using Blender and Substance Painter. I've sculpted the skin details using the default Blender's brushes, no alphas projection. The skin texture was created in SP, the eyes and the teeth the texture of those were done inside Blender, using procedural textures. Render in Cycles using one Plane with Emission shader and Pro Lighting Skies.

If you want to take a close look on the file, you can download it at the link below.